Thursday, 26 November 2015

Our Fire Fighters, Listowel Courthouse, Mike the Pies and a thought for the day

A Far Cry from the Smart phone

(photo; Irish Abroad)

Ah, those were the days!  Everyone carried one of these for emergencies in the 1980s. There were pay phones, in every town and even in some places where there was never a town. In the bad old days of the 60s and seventies you had to have a bucket load of change at the ready to use a pay phone. Coins were bigger and heavier in those days.

Cometh the hour, cometh the call card.


Make a Wish type Gesture by Listowel Firemen

John Kelliher took this photo of Killian Browne with Listowel firemen recently. Killian has been very ill and, as a special treat, he got to dress like a fireman and see what happens in a fire station.


This is a great website that puts the old and new from  around Kerry side by side. I took both the photos and the text from Time Travel Kerry;

"Listowel Courthouse-
Two views of the courthouse building firstly in the late 1960s and again in September 2015. There has been a lot of changes in the years between the two photos but the building itself hasn't changed much. 
(Original photographer unknown)"


Christmas Lunch at The Seanchaí

If you are planning a festive lunch for your staff or for a group of friends, consider The Seanchaí


From John Kelliher and Mike the Pies

Legendary pool players Lofty Kelliher, Ned Broder, Jack Sweeney, Eddie Hartnett and Tom Lyons.  


Thought for today

I have wept in the night
For the absence of sight
That made me to others' needs blind
But I never once yet
Felt a pang of regret
For being a little too kind.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Vick's Vaporub, Hunting in Ballylongford and a meeting with an Author

Lovely snap by T.J. MacSweeney


A Panacea

The below ad. was found on the internet.
 Do you remember Vick's VapoRub?
Does anyone use the word embrocation any more?
Maybe my question is answered. My autocorrect just changed embrocation to imprecation!

Is there anything this miracle embrocation couldn't be claimed to cure?


Ballylongford Sunday

Jason of Ballybunion Prints took this photo in Ballylongford a while back.


The Listowel Arms Hotel, Munster's favourite wedding venue

Couples are coming from all over to The Listowel Arms to book their weddings.

There are all kinds of special touches and details that make this the stand out venue for your special day.

My boys tried out a fireside pose in case a groom had a turf or Bord na Mona connection.


Morning with the author in Ballincollig Library

Kristin Gleeson has written a novel based loosely around the story of St. Gobnait of Ballyvourney. Kristin is third from right in the photo. I, along with a group of other book lovers, got to talk to her and ask her about the writing process in general and this book in particular, recently in Ballincollig Library.


Listowel Fireman Photographed by John Kelliher a few years ago

L/R Jimmy Sheehan, Pat O Carroll, John Curtin, Liam Enright, Diarmuid Walsh, Driving Dave Mary Caplice, Passenger Jerry Mullins.


Look who I Met on Church St.?

On Monday morning Conor and Seán Moriarty and their men were making an early start on the Christmas lights. 
A more sure sign than the Christmas ads that Santa is on his way to Listowel.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Moyvane, Tapioca, Michael Murpurgo in Cork and The Avenue

Ballybunion Sunday November 22 2015

Photo; Ballybunion Prints


The sanctuary, St. Mary's Listowel….peace, perfect peace.


More From Moyvane Vintage Fair, October 2015

Indoors there was a craft fair


A Taste of Yesterday Today

Do you remember I wrote about milk puddings a while back? I said they were a thing of the past.
I was wrong. Many people told me that they still eat them today. When I went to the supermarket there before me were all the ingredients but I didn't succumb.


Michael Murpurgo at Cork City Hall

Michael Murpuro has to be one of the most popular living authors. He has written hundreds of books that are enjoyed by readers from 8 to 100. I was lucky to get to see him in Cork City Hall recently as a representative of The National Childrens' Literary Festival at Listowel Writers Week.

Many of his books are in the genre of historical fiction. One that he talked to us about was Listen to The Moon, a story inspired by a coin his wife found in a drawer when she was ill in bed with chicken Pox at age 7. The coin was a commemorative propaganda medal struck in the wake of the tragic sinking of the passenger ship, The Lusitania, many of whose victims washed up on the Kerry coastline.

The coin which prompted the story was struck in Germany to stem the tide of outrage that was  swelling against it for torpedoing a passenger ship. Jim Halpin has one of these coins in his War Museum on Church Street. On one side there is an image of a sinking liner, The Lusitania and on the other side is an image of a line of potential passengers buying tickets from a skeleton; Death.
People had been warned not to travel on the Lusitania as it would be traveling through a war zone and it had munitions on board.

Murpurgo talked about some of his other books as well. He loves to write about dogs and children and he is fascinated by stories of war.

Above is Michael Murpurgo on stage at Cork City Hall. The hall was packed to capacity and he was alone on the stage. Such is his magic as a story teller that we were spell bound by him for over an hour. At the end of his show, Murpurgo sang for us a song from the stage version of his most famous work, Warhorse. I recorded it for you ;   The Year Turns Round again

Notice that he is wearing his trademark red and white poppies to remember the war dead but also to celebrate peace.


O'Connell's Avenue, Listowel 2015

Monday, 23 November 2015

Vintage Fair in Moyvane, Market St. in the 1940s and it's panto time in Listowel again

T. J. MacSweeney


Moyvane Village Festival

In late October I visited Moyvane Festival and they had some great vintage stuff on display.

When stuff you remember using turns up at a vintage fair, then you feel old.


Old postcard of Market Street

I spotted this recently on the internet.


When are you too old for the Playground?

My twin grandsons enjoying the free fun in Listowel Town Park during their Halloween Break in October 2015


A lot more than Hair and Beauty going on at Changes these days

This was the scene in Changes on Friday.  Danny was supervising operations as Mary and Yvanna stitched away at panto costumes.

Tickets go on sale Dec1st. I'll let you now more shortly about how to get your hands on a ticket. It promises to be huge!!!!