Friday, 29 November 2019

Kanturk Streets, A Cure, a Poem and some Christmas cards

A winter ready robin


Postbox in Greenane, Kanturk

This lovely old postbox needs a lick of paint. It is very important that we preserve these lovely pieces of street furniture. They have stood the test of time and deserve better care.


Some Kanturk Landmarks

This building known as The Clock House, now houses the Credit Union. It is a lovely old building complete with weathervane and public clock. It is beautifully kept and looks much as I remember it from 50 years ago.

Strand Street

This corner used to house Connolly's shoe shop in my day.

Greenane Park is a new development since my day.

This steep hill leads to Coláiste Treasa


This iconic Kanturk store which we used to call Donie's is, sadly, closed.


A Brosna Miracle

From Dúchas schools folklore collection

St. Mullen's Well (Brosna, Co. Kerry.)
St. Mullen's well is situated in the picturesque historic town of Brosna in East Kerry. In the dim an distant past, St. Mullin - a holy Bishop was preaching to a large crowd of Pagans at the foot of Lavalla hill where the blessed well is situated. He saw that his words were making a deep impression on the pagans and he was hoping to make many converts. When the Saint had concluded his sermon a tall handsome blind man said: If you claim God has such power, I'd like you would give some demonstration of that power. "If I representing God ." said the Saint "gave sight to your eyes would you be converted?" "Gladly and willingly," answered the blind chieftain. Thereupon the Saint, lifting his crozier above his head prayed long and fervently and then struck the ground three times with the end of the crozier. Immediately water gushed from the ground and when the Saint bathed the blind chieftain's eyes with the water and immediately his sight was restored. The chieftain and all his followers were converted on the spot. Every month of May hundreds of people pay "rounds" at the well and many cures especially to the eyes have been effected.


Read it and Laugh

I Built a Fabulous Machine

by Jack Prelutsky

I built a fabulous machine 
To keep my room completely clean.
It swept it up in nothing flat.
Has anybody seen the cat?


Talented Artists in Scoil Realta na Maidine

Aren't the boys cards beautiful this year ?


Tralee's Bansky?

Whimsical shadowy murals have been popping up around Tralee. They are the work of Mike O'Donnell, a talented artist, playwright, poet, composer and musician There is no end to Mike's talents.  Here are a few of his pieces that have become a talking point in Tralee.

The yellow bike is kinda like his signature or tag.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Kanturk streets, Convent Girls named and some lore from Dúchas

Nothing beats a dry sunny Winter's day in Listowel


Kanturk, Co Cork, My Hometown

Recently I went on a book promoting trip to my home town. While I was there I took a few photos. Some parts of town are very much as they were in my youth. Other parts have changed beyond recognition.

This is the Edel Quinn Hall where I held the Kanturk launch of a Minute of Your Time. I remember the hall being built in the 1950s.

This old photograph was shared recently on a Facebook page, Kanturk Memories. It shows men and boys making cement blocks for the construction of the hall. The blocks were made in a yard near the boys' national school. The hall was built largely by voluntary labour.

This is very hard to read but it is an inscription in Latin on one of Kanturk's bridges. It dates the bridge as an 18th century construction.

This is O'Brien Street

The main bridge leading to Main Street.

These are the inscriptions in English on this bridge. I have no idea what the reference to Westminster Bridge is all about.

This ugly part of town needs urgent attention. It is such a pity to see these two ramshackle buildings in such a prominent position in town. When I was young both these shops were occupied and busy.

Strand Street shops

Lovely to see this old building refurbished and looking beautiful. This once housed the oldest school in Kanturk. In my day it was the home of a Kanturk legend, Sarah Sheehan. Sarah was active in practically every organisation in town. She is often to be seen in old photos as the only woman in a committee of men.

The building now is a café taking its name from its location at the confluence of the rivers Allow and Dallow.

The biggest shop in town is Twohig's Super Valu, a lovely local shop which now stocks A Minute of Your Time.

This is Upper Bluepool

Kanturk Bookshop is a lovely independent gem located across the road from North Cork Co Operative Creamery. A Minute of Your Time is available here.

Strand St.


Second Class Young Ladies Named

Margaret Dillon has a brillant memory for people and names. She has all the namers of the girls in her second class photo;

Back Row ; L to R.
Eileen O'Connor, Eleanor Leahy, Nora Barry, Babe Murphy, Terry Buckley, Eileen Brazil, Patsy Browne.
Next Row Standing; L to R.
Sheila Murphy, Eileen Corridan, Helen O'Quigley, Doreen Canty, Noreen O'Hanlon, Delia Walsh, Mary Walsh, Eileen Barrett, Philomena Horgan, Joan Rowan, Eileen Donoghue.

Sitting; L to R.
Carmel Gorman, Eileen Relihan, Marie Canty Connell, Nora Hanrahan, Brenda Dillon, Margaret Dillon, Marie Moloney, Noreen O'Connor, Jeanie Hartnett.

Front row L to R.
Marie Curtin, Kathleen Enright, Eileen Roche, Kathleen Corridan, Christine Keane, Kathleen Sheehy,  Joan O'Brien, Frankie Chute.


I Don't like Mondays

This piece of old lore pertaining to certain times of the year comes from the Dúchas schools' folklore collection.

Monday was considered an unlucky day to leave home. Up to the present day many parents do not send their children to school for the first time on Monday.

If a person got unwell on Friday it was deemed a bad omen for his recovery. At the present time in this parish (Ballyhar, Co. Kerry) people do not get married on Monday, on Wednesday, or on Friday.
 The days from the 1st to the 12th April were called "Laethanta na Bó Riabhaiche in (Ballyhar parish Co. Kerry). This period was a trying one on old cows because they were "run down" as a result of the severity of the winter and the early spring.

Rabharta na hinide was the name given to a break in the weather which occurred towards the end of Shrove. It was a spell of rainy and windy weather combined.

Rabharta na Cásga was the name given to a similar spell which occurred towards the end of Lent.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Knocknagoshel Church, Book Launches and A Trip Home

Sitting on the fence

A blurry Kanturk robin taken through a window


Dates for the Diary

It's that time of year when concerts, plays, craft fairs and book launches are happening thick and fast. Here are a few upcoming events.

The craft Fair is on December 1

Sun 1st
Remember someone special this Christmas by purchasing a ribbon to tie on the special Remember Memorial Tree outside St John’s Theatre & Arts Centre.  Remembrance Tree Ribbons and Cards are available in the Theatre in addition to many shops around Listowel. The Ceremony will take place at 5pm.  All are welcome.


Knocknagoshel Church

There are some lovely stained glass windows in this beautiful church. Some churches have veery richly coloured windows, which in themselves are lovely but can serve to darken the interior. This church has a happy mix of coloured and clear glass so the church is cool and bright. Here are some of the lovely windows.

The church has many generous benefactors who are commemorated in the windows and in plaques on the walls.


The Kanturk Launch of A Minute of Your Time

This is my sister-in-law, Breeda's, kitchen in the afternoon of the Kanturk launch.  I joined the testers who are out of this shot. A big thank you to my Kanturk family who pulled out all the stops to make this night such a success.

Cora and Aisling helped their dad to sell the books in the Edel Quinn Hall. Róisín took the photos.

My cousin, Eugene Brosnan returned to his Kanturk roots to provide the musical entertainment. He was a big hit with the audience.

One of the great parts of the night was meeting up with old friends, most of whom told me that I have grown into my mother.

My nephew, William, introduced me with such a glowing speech I hardly recognised myself.

Tony and Joan pictured here with my brother are frequent visitors to Ballybunion. I hardly recognised them in their winter clothes and on home turf.


Presents of Mind

Presents of Mind is just one of several Kanturk shops stocking A Minute of Your Time