Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Carrigafoyle, Dried up River Feale, Chute Family Painters and Tom Doodle Remembered

Carrigafoyle Castle in July 2018

Photo; Ita Hannon


My Silver River Feale

I took a walk with Molly along the River Walk a few weeks ago and I was shocked to see how the drought had affected our local stream. I'm glad to report that all is changed now.

These extraordinary pictures show how the Feale looks in July 2018.

 The River Walk

This is the river by the bridge to the racecourse. If you were to "throw me down something' now it would be very easy to find.


Signs of the Times


Ballyduff, Moyvane and Listowel according to the Green Guide of 1965


Painting Listowel

It' not just Fred. I have to give credit to Frances and Roly Chute for some lovely paintwork in Listowel. It's a family thing.


Tom Doodle

Recently we celebrated what would have been John B. Keane's 90th birthday with a walk led by Vincent Carmody to places connected with the great playwright in Listowel.

We stopped at the statue to remember the great Doodle rally that was held in that very spot during the general election campaign of 1951

Here we are on Saturday July 21 2018.

This was the scene in The Small Square on the night Doodle arrived to give his election address.

"Use your noodle, vote for Doodle" was his catchy slogan.

We had in our midst people who were hearing the story for the first time but we also had people like Jimmy OQuigley who remembered the night because he was there  and Paddy Keane who grew up in Listowel hearing the story of the great night repeated often.

Aidan OMurchĂș also grew up in Listowel where the Doodle Rally was relived in song and story at an annual reunion ball of the Independent Cologeous Party.

This last photo is from Paul Murphy whose father was a card carrying member of the famous party.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Green Guide to Listowel 1965, Mosaics in The Garden of Europe and Bridge Road Then and Now

Listowel Town Square, July 2018


More from The Green Guide


Art Installations in The Garden of Europe

 Lovely pebble mosaics have appeared in The Garden recently. There is no artists credited with the pieces and there should be because they are beautiful.

Patrick Tarrant's John B. Keane sculpture is looking lovely in Summer 2018.

The Holocaust Memorial is central to the Garden. Lest we forget....


Sign Upgrading

This sign at the Millenium Arch was badly in need of a facelift.


Bridge Road Then and Now

Photo by John Hannon

Photos by Listowel Connection

Friday, 27 July 2018

Nuns, The Green Guide to Listowel in 1965, Knitwits have a Visitor

St. John's Listowel in July 2018


Remembering the Nuns

I am very aware that I belong to the last generation of women who were taught almost exclusively by nuns. I went to a Mercy school. Most Listowel ladies were educated by The Presentation Sisters.
We owe them a lot.


1965 Guide to Listowel

These are some of the advertisements in the green guide sent to us by Aileen Skimson

It looks like you could hire almost anything in Mckenna's


A Very Welcome Visitor to Knitwits

Una Hayes has been through a tough few months with ill health and bereavements. We were all thrilled to welcome her back for a visit recently. She was only socialising this time but it won't be long now 'til she is back knitting with us in Scribes.

Mary Boyer, Mairead Sharry, Mary Cogan, Maureen Connolly, Kathleen McCarthy, Patricia Borley and Una Hayes. We had two other young visitors as well on the day of Una's visit.

Nobody missed Una more than her great friend, Maureen. It warmed my heart to see the friends reunited.


Tidy Towners take a breather

Everyone agrees that Listowel is looking in tip top shape these days and it's all down to these and all the other volunteers at Tidy Towns and, of course, Kerry County Council outdoor staff who all do a fabulous job.