Saturday, 1 October 2011

old railway line now The John B. Keane Rd.

The John B. Keane Road is an invaluable asset to the town. It takes much of the heavy traffic from the streets. Plans for the Listowel bypass are at an advanced stage but with the parlous state of the economy I do not expect to see it in my lifetime.

Bothar Sheáin B. ÓCatháin runs where the old railway line once ran. What a tale that soil could tell!
 I'd love to hear any old stories about the railway or the people who worked on it.


  1. Hi,

    Really enjoy the blog....from Listowel but living in Dublin now.

    There's info here on the line & railway station


    Jim Ryan
    (originally from Ballygologue)

  2. Thanks a million, Jim. I was just falling into despair as so few were responding to my pleas for stories
    I have 2 interesting stories in the pipeline for next week. Meanwhile I'm learning lots about the railway station. Thanks