Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ball Alley artwork, River Feale

One of the activities planned by the Children's committee of Writers' Week was the painting of a mural on the walls of the old handball alley. This project had to be shelved due to inclement weather. But the young people have found a window of opportunity and completed the refurbishment and it is absolutely magnificent - a credit to everyone involved.

I urge you all to go down and take a look. 


While I was there with my camera I took a photo of the river through the trees.

Here is Kathleen Forristal's tribute to The Feale

The River Feale 

My heart begins to beat at rapid pace
When I spy Woodford road near my home place,
The river weaves and flows winningly
And brings a special thrill to me.
My eyes take on a magnetised force
 Drawn towards meadows edged with yellow gorse
And Carroll's rock on the opposite side
 Where my dad stood fishing in the twinkling river tide.

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