Thursday, 20 September 2012

Theft today and yesterday ; more tales of the turf

When was this?
Today robbers are more subtle in their methods. Listowel traders are being cautioned to be vigilant during Raceweek for very high quality forged €50 notes which are in circulation locally.


loading turf on to the bog train.

Matt Dillane’s Vision

On a warm August day in or about the year 1908, Matt Dillane from Glountane walked down from his home to Listowel and back again, a round trip of 22 miles. When about a mile from home on his return journey, he left the road and entered Quills mountain to take the short cut.  When he was a half mile on his way he sat down to take a rest.  He fell asleep.  He was awakened by noise and on opening his eyes he saw men around him working.  He saw houses, and he saw what made the biggest impression of all on him – a railway train complete with wagons.  When telling his story afterwards which he did nearly every day of his life, he laid most emphasis on the train. 
   Naturally, nobody believed him, least of all his own family.  But he told his story so often and so earnestly that people began to think there might be something to it.  Years passed.  A new generation grew up and heard the strange tale for indeed it was often recalled at the winter fireside.  Matt died about 16 or 17 years after his experience but still the story continued to be told from time to time.  Then came the year 1938, and we all woke up to the fact that what Matt saw in a vision on that sunny August evening thirty odd years before, was now there in reality.  For where he had sat down to rest was now the headquarters of Lyreacrompane Bord na Mona Works.  Men were working there, there were buildings there; a forge where machinery was repaired, an office and a store.  And there was a railway train running on tracks, just as it should be.  It was in fact, a diesel locomotive pulling fourteen wagons of turf to the roadside for delivery to the waiting lorries.
( from the Lyreacrompane Journal)


I was on The Island on Tuesday and I took a few snaps.

The bookmakers ring was fairly busy.

These boys were putting the spare bookie stands to good use.

There were lots of cars but I did not see even one helicopter.

Anne and Mary O'Connor were there with Anne's family.

We met some of my old neighbors on their annual Kerry pilgrimage.

More tomorrow........


Yesterday's crowd of over 25,000!

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