Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Lyre School 1953, Vintage Monday and Bord na Mona

Bill Murphy sent us this photo of his class in Lyreacrompane school in 1953. With the help of his niece, Kate Murphy MacMahon he has found all the names and even a photo of the page in the roll book with his name in Irish.
Bill is visiting North Kerry at the moment so maybe he will have a few more photos or memories to share.


This photograph was taken in Dublin sometime in the 1940s. It shows a consingment of tractors on their way to Bord na Mona. In case you are wondering, I have no idea how they got them on and off.

This is a Ferguson machine, turning sod turf. Turning sods by hand, as many of my readers will know, is backbreaking drudgery. This machine revolutionised the turning process, marking one of the steps in the change that saw men replaced by machines on our bogs.


Some more photos from Vintage Day in town.

Car enthusiasts might like this from the Limerick Leader 1913

Back then motoring was hard work.


Nothing like a photograph of a photographer except maybe a photograph of 2 photographers. John Kelliher and Denis Carroll were recording it all on Vintage Monday.


This beautiful baptismal font has been stolen this week from a ruined church in Co. Meath.


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