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Scout Social 1955,Changes and a fly fishing enthusiast.

Scout Reunion Social 1955

This photo from Michael Kennelly's album is captioned ; Lake Hotel Killarney, January 3 1955

Michael knew them all so well he did not need to note the names. If someone looking at them can name even a few, I'd love to publish them.


The Changing Face of Listowel

Town end of Charles' Street in 2007

Town end of Charles' Street in 2014

Church St. 2005

Same corner of town, October 2014


Fly Fishing in North Kerry

Damien Willis wrote the following in his blog :

Twice each year I travel to a remote part of North Kerry to take some time out with some close friends and family. Fortunatley my 74 year old father Aiden was able to travel on this adventure. My angling companions on this occasion were Aiden Willis,Tom Wilson,Noel Fitzpatrick and Brendan O Sullivan. Warm sunshine and temperatures averaging 18C combined with early tides played to our advantage with a total of 21 sea bass and 36 Flounders in North Kerry.

Surf fishing is probably the easiest form of shore fishing – tarvelling light is the key which increases mobility and reduces minding from the flodding tide. As the trout season comes to a close my focus is turned to sea angling. For 37 years I have fished with my father Aiden around the coasts of Ireland. I am glad to say that my father whom is now in his seventies is still as active as ever, we continue to take time out togeather fishing in this part of Ireland.
Angling in North West Kerry is exceptional in that it contains something for everyone. To miles of sandy beaches with crashing surfs for the angler after Bass, to quite places like estuaries, piers, and cliffs that sink into deep water. This part of Ireland has treasures galore to suit all types of fishing, all year round, containing a variety of fish to match every taste and all within easy distance of each other.

It is prohibited to take and kill more than two bass on any one day. (Bye-law No.667)
The minimum overall size limit of 40cm. From tip of snout to end of tail. Closed season from 15th May to 15th June.


Images of Irish Fuel

1960s filling station

Taking turf to Tory Island


Sunset over The Black Rocks

photo by Ballybunion Angling and Coastal Views

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