Friday, 12 December 2014

Lyreacrompane 1956 and some Listowel people in Dec 2014

Listowel People at the Santa Parade on Sunday Dec 7 2014


Lyreacrompane, 1956

(photo: Cathy Dunne)


Success for a descendant of the Listowel Diaspora

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    Out and About with my Camera

    Roly Chute and John Lynch

    Fred Chute at his travelling workshop

    Ruth O'Quigley at Knitwits Christmas lunch

    Mary Sobieralski with Abraham Nur and Namir Karim at Scribes

    Patricia Borley with the cake she made for the Knitwits Christmas party


    Operation Education

    One great day during Listowel Writers' Week 2014

    Operation Education


    Don't forget the Christmas Craft Fair at The SeanchaĆ­ on Sunday

     from 11 to 5.00.    Admission free

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