Thursday, 23 April 2015

Blennerville, Jumbo's Listowel and some folklore

Pimp my Windmill

(photos :Kiteman)

Blennerville Windmill is undergoing an overhaul and facelift.



Mrs Quill of Derridaff told this story to an unnamed schoolgirl in 1937.

There was a school in Meenganare. It was a low thatched building with only one very small window.The floor was earth and in Winter, when the roof leaked, the children’s feet were mired in muck.  Seating for the pupils was a plank of wood resting on two blocks of wood.

It was a one teacher school. The teacher was a Mr. Purcell, a native of Cork. He taught there from 1844 to 1879. Mr. Purcell lived in lodgings near the school and he was paid every Friday.

Both pupils and teacher spoke only Irish. The only subjects that were taught in the school were Irish and English. The teacher wrote on a large stone flag which rested against the wall and the children wrote on slates.


Jumbo's Memories, then and now

(photos; Jumbo's)


Progress at Lidl

Roof done now. Work will move indoors next week necessitating the closure of the store.


Tidy Towns

Still cleaning Up!!! Well done all!

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