Monday, 15 February 2016

Listowel Arms, Badminton in Listowel and a few dates for your diary

Listowel Arms Now and 10 years ago

January 2016



Badminton, a shop refurbishment and an old dance card

Junior Griffin tells the story:
What, one may well ask, has the famed city of Jericho and the Listowel Badminton Club in common?

The Bible story tells us that Joshua and his Israelites marched around Jericho, then shouted and blew their trumpets so that the walls came tumbling down.
There is no doubt whatsoever that the writing of this history of the Listowel Badminton Club would never have been considered but for the destruction of another wall.

A few short years ago local business man and former badminton club member, Mr. Jimmy Halpin moved his fishing and shooting supplies business to number 24, Church Street, Listowel. The premises needed extensive renovations to cater for his business, which meant many of the inner walls had to be knocked, not to the sound of trumpets but with the use of jackhammers and the tools of today.

On examining the rubble, Mr. Halpin and his workmen found numerous newspapers, all tightly folded as if they were inserted for insulation. On checking the papers it was found that the headlines of most dealt with the earthquake and the destruction of San Francisco in 1906.

On turning over a page he saw something falling to the ground.  On examining it, Mr. Halpin found it to be a beautifully decorated and well preserved invitation card (illustrated) with a short pencil attached, to a dance under the auspices of the Listowel Hockey and Badminton Clubs to be held on Friday December 16th 1908.

The music listed was definitely different to the music that is heard in the dance halls of today with many classical pieces being to the fore and the pencil possibly used by the ladies to reserve a dance if asked by a gentleman. One wonders did that inspire the writer to pen the tune “ Save the last waltz for me”.


A Few Dates for you to Pencil in

Make sure you catch Listowel Drama Group in St. John's from February 11 to 14 2016. Their Blithe Spirit is a must see. Listowel needs to get behind them as they head off to the tough world of drama festivals.

The Exhibition will showcase works of art, photography, felting & assemblage. Participating artists include, Rebecca Carroll, (not in photo), Liam Brennan (not in photo), Jim Dunne, Noreen Breen, Malcome Donald, Lisa Fingleton, Viveca Amoto, Susan Hitching, Marie Brennan, David Morrison, Mary Finucane & Arian Everson. This Exhibition is in co-operation with Newcastlewest Arts. For further details contact Rebecca Carroll (Colourful Spirits) @ 087 4577979 or Vicky Nash (Red Door Gallery) @ 086 2517086
The Exhibition will be official launched by Billy Keane (Journalist & publican)

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  1. Dear Mary, the Priest in the photograph is Fr. Keane, who was in Listowel for a number of years. He was a very nice, gentle person and he always had a smile for anyone he met.
    Archdeacon Wallace lived in the beautiful house second next door to The Carnegie Library at the top of Church Street. The house above where Dr. Devine lived.
    I have only become aware of your blog today and I can't wait to read through it later.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I wish you a very nice, pleasant and blessed day - enjoy!