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National Savings in 1938, Ballybunion a few more place names

In The Garden of Europe

A lone daffodil at the John B. Keane memorial
Saving Money in 1938
Kerryman  Saturday, 05 November, 1938; Page: 26
In Eire, since 1923, approximately 171 million Savings Certificates, cash value £13.5 millions, have been purchased. There are just 4,000 co-operative Savings’ Associations at work in the country in schools, Boy Scout and Girl Guide Troops, places of employment, and in various religious and social groups. These Associations are operated by over 7,000 voluntary workers, the majority of whom are members of the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation. In the Post Office Savings Bank, at the 31st Dec, 1937, there was approximately a sum of £8.5 million standing to the credit of 325,500 depositors.


Beautiful Ballybunion Easter 2016

I took these photographs on the Cliff Walk. As you can see from the last photograph, the path is succumbing to erosion and in some places the protective barrier is slowly falling away.


Dan Keane's Placenames 

Placenames meanings from Dan Keane's Logainmneacha

Clieveragh: Cliabhrach; A framework of ribs. A cliabhrach is the wicker frame of a basket or a boat. In older times if there was a pot hole or soft spot in a passageway, people would place a cliabhrach over it and they would cover it with rushes.
(Maybe there is an idea here for today's potholed roads of Listowel.

Clounmacon: Cluain Meacan. The meadow of the root or tuber. Meacan bán meaning white tuber is the Irish for parsnip. There is a field close to Dowd's Road where parsnips were grown during the Famine. This field was known as Clounmacon

Clountubrid:The meadow of the well

Coolaclarig: The corner of the wooden bridge. The wooden bridge referred to spans the river Galey.

Coolagown: Cúl an Ghabhann, the corner of the smith, (probably a blacksmith.)

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