Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Fair, the Tarbert Road and Value Centre

Tree in Winter: Listowel Town Park 2017


Top of Bridge Road, Listowel


The Fair

 Dick Carmody in his book  In the Shadow of the School remembered the fairs of his youth.

Another aspect of the Fair

Breaking  in and the training of farm horses required an experienced and skilful horseman. As with many tasks relating to farming, there was always one or more recognised experts locally who would take spirited and untrained animals through all the stages of roping, harnessing and carting to becoming a sober manageable and contented animal that could be entrusted to any member of the family. There were exceptions, whose reputations would soon become known throughout the locality and might not be so easily disposed of at the next horse fair.

For horse breeding purposes, most farmers depended on the services of a visiting stallion to place their breeding mares in foal. This arrangement took place on fair days in Sheehan’s yard at the top of William Street in Listowel. Though well educated in farm animal husbandry from a very young age, for this particular event we were kept a safe distance. The expected arrival of a young foal in about 11 months was now eagerly awaited.


On the Tarbert Road

This is a section of Tarbert Road outside Listowel. This busy junction leads to the An Post sorting office and Applegreen service station.


Value Centre, Bridge Rd., Listowel

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