Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Normal service is resumed

There are 3 computer shops in Listowel. The men in Hyper-Fi I.T. have always looked after me really well so there I headed to sort out my monitor problem.
"It's the inverter," says he, "You will have to get a new monitor.
"How much?"
The €120 he quoted me, I'm sure, is very reasonable but I had hoped to get a second hand one, since I don't really use the desktop very much any more.
Next port of call the new computer shop on Church St. Konnect, I think is the name but I'll take a photo for you one of these days. The man there is not there. His note says he is delivering and he left us a phone number.
Third time lucky.
I called to Bill in All Regions internet cafĂ© also on Church St. Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. Bill is not actually in the business of selling second hand monitors (his new one was also €120) but he sold me a monitor from one of his computers. Deal done; everyone happy.

And I'm glad some people found yesterday's post so amusing!


1957 : those were the days!

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