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March 17 2013 in Listowel and a Glasgow Celtic connection

This is Listowel town square on March 17 2013 as the crowd waits for the annual parade to come up Bridge Rd.

some well known faces marching with the Gaelscoil

section of the crowd

Dromclough dancers

A Polish dog


A clip of John Stack's dancers from St. Patrick's Day 2013


Another event which took place on March 17 was a cycle from Listowel to Abbeyfeale in support of the extension of The Great Southern Way. I met this pair in The Square on their way home after their round trip.


A very successful St. Patrick's weekend Gathering event was Tralee International Marathon


In my old yearbook from 1992 I found a very interesting article where some girls wrote about their famous granduncles.

Here are two of the accounts

My great grand uncle founded Glasgow Celtic

Mairéad Mahony, 1 Bríd 

It wasn’t through Packie  Bonner, our famous football star, that I became a fan of Glasgow Celtic.  My interest began years before that as my great-grand uncle, Fr. John Foley (1860 – 1953), was one of the founders of the club.  He died in his native Tralee in the 93rd year of his life and 64th year of his priesthood.
            He frequently paid the rent of the club’s first pitch out of his own pocket.  Fr. Foley was in his younger days a crack athlete, a first-class boxer, cricketer, footballer and walker.  When he was over 60, a walk of twenty miles in four hours was nothing to him.
            He was a man to make you turn and stare in the street.  Even in his advanced  years he had the build of a giant and the springing walk of a perfectly trained athlete.
            I am really proud to see how well Glasgow Celtic, which he helped to found, has done since.

Bishop Patrick Joseph Keane, Sacramento

Ciara O’Connor, 1 Bríd 

My great grand-uncle, Patrick Joseph Keane, was born in Barraduff, Lisselton on 6th January, 1852.  He was educated at St. Michael’s College, Listowel and later at St. Patrick’s College, Carlow.
             Pope Pius X1 appointed Fr. Keane as auxiliary to Bishop Grace of Sacramento on 10th September, 1920.  After the death of Bishop Grace, Fr. Keane was appointed Bishop of Sacramento.  He was responsible for updating the historic Sacramento Cathedral.  Bishop Keane died on 1st September, 1928.
            The family of Bishop Keane was indeed a distinguished one.  Bishop Keane’s brother was Governor of Assam from 1932 until he died at the age of 63 in London.  He had served as State Secretary in India from 1917 to 1921. 
            Bishop Keane had another two brothers, Rev. W. Keane who was Parish Priest in Killorglin, and Rev. John Keane who was a Jesuit in St. Francis Xavier’s, Gardiner Street, Dublin.
            I am very proud of my great grand-uncles as, indeed are his relatives to this day in the parish of Ballydonoghue.


For my Cork followers

The Coal Quay/Cornmarket St. 1905

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