Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Greyhound Racing, A poem by Jet Stack and more

Gone to the Dogs

We had a great night at The Kingdom Greyhound Stadium on Friday May 2 2014 at the fundraising night for Pres. Secondary School, Listowel. I managed to make a few bob despite my lack of greyhound knowledge (or maybe because of it!)

Organisers, Eileen Keane and Lisa Whelan

The scene on the second floor. The real doggy people were downstairs and the VIPs upstairs.

Some of the greyhounds getting ready to enter the track for their race.

Fivestar Fantasy, winner of the 'Presentation Listowel Tech. Graph & Arts Dept 525’, pictured with winning connections along with Brian Coffey (2nd from left) and Eileen Keane (4th from left) of Presentation Secondary Listowel. 

Bridget O'Connor, Breda Ferris and Theresa Deenihan

( All photos: Pádraig O'Connor)


What a shame!

The garden at the old Kennedy Nursing Home is going to wrack and ruin. Pity!


By way of contrast….

The well maintained old rectory


New shop in Market Street



Duagh Sports Complex is nearing the finish line.


Another poem by Jet Stack, this one in praise of a local stream

That Little Curragh Stream

There’s a soft and purple water
Flowing in that winding stream.
Flowing there through Time and ages.
Scarcely mentioned and unseen.
Through the bog and by the meadow
Through the sally’s sunlight beam
Flow the soft and purple waters
Of that little Curragh Stream.

Whence its source in famed Clounmacon
Ripples helpless towards the sea
Winding ‘round each hill of challenge
Flowing gently through the lee.
Through the rush and through the fern.
Where it stops, as sometimes seem
Flow the soft and purple waters.
Of that little Curragh Stream.

Flowing through Bedford’s glens and valleys
Down th hillside gather speed
By that old and silent graveyard.
Through the gillcock stately reed.
Flowing through Curraghatoosane and Curragh.
Through the watercress so green.
By the Cordal, through West Dirrha
Winding softly ‘round Gurtcreen.

By the road, beneath the mountain.
By Saint Crossan’s blessed well.
Wide and rapid through the toilery
Thus the river Galey swell.
When we are gone as those before us
To that land beyond supreme
Still will flow the purple waters

Of that little Curragh Stream.


Preparing for the Military Tattoo


Ballybunion's Happy

Warning: This catchy tune will be in your head all day. It's a great video and a great promotion. Have fun spotting well known Ballybunion people in this great clip;



Kerry Crusaders ready to undertake The Limerick Run     (photo: Mary Toomey Roche)

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