Thursday, 12 May 2016

Beal, Listowel Military Tattoo 2016 and Irish titles and winners at The Kingdom County Fair 2016

Ita Hannon's Beal

Another stunning shot from Ita Hannon.


Cork Steam train

Photo shared by Patrick J. O'Shea


People I met at The Listowel Military Tattoo

 Tom McElligott and family enjoying the Living History Display

Trish Curtin was chatting to a soldier.

Joan and P.J. Kenny brought their weekend visitors, daughter Caroline and her fiancé, Tadhg Mulchinock to see the mock battle.

The Bombshell Belles were everywhere, joining in any high jinks.


Irishmen and their Titles

There has been much mention recently of The O'Rahilly. This set me to wondering why he was The One rather than all the other O'Rahillys. I have a slight interest here since I have a first cousin married to a Rahilly ( no O or The or anything).

Where did Michael Joseph O'Rahilly, Republican, get the title?

According to Wikipedia, he gave it to himself.

Traditionally the chief of a clan was called The.....

The following information is from the New Zealand Tablet, Volume XIX, Issue 41, 17 July 1891, Page 19

THE O’GORMAN MAHON. (Adelaide Southern Cross.)

The death of this gentleman removes one of the ten “chiefs” who still retain ancient Irish titles. These titles are recognised by the Crown and by patent.

 The O’Gorman Mahon inherited his title from his mother, who was the only daughter of The O’Gorman.

The other gentlemen who possess the right to a distinctively Irish address are as follows :

Prince of Coolavin The MacDermot, Q. C, D.L., J.P., descended from the kings of Connaught ;
The O’Conor Don Right Hon. Charles Owen O’Conor, D.L., J.P., descended from the kings of Ireland, and dates his pedigree back to A.D. 366
The O’Donoghue— Daniel O’Donoghue, descended from the kings of Munster.
The O’Donovan— Henry Winthrop O’Donovan M.A., J P., D.L., chief of the ancient sept of O’Donovan;
The O’Grady William de Courcy O Grady, M.A., descended from the princes of Limerick;
Knight of Glin— Desmond John Edmond Fitzgerald
Knight of Kerry— Sir Maurice George Fitzgerald, Bart.
The Mac- Gillicuddy of the Reeks Denis Charles MacGillicuddy. descended from lords of Tipperary
Chief of Hymaine Cornelius J. O’Kelly, J.P., DL.

It may be mentioned that these gentlemen usually reside in Ireland, where they have estates which they manage excellently. On the recent visit of the Lord-Lieutenant to the South of Ireland, the village of Glin was prettily decorated, and the Knight of Glin accompanied his Excellency on part of his tour. The O’Conor Don is a Privy Councillor, and The MacDermot was Solicitor-General for Ireland in Mr Gladstone’s two last administrations. The Knight of Kerry is an Equerry to H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught. To those interested in the matter Burkes Landed Gentry and Peerage will give particulars in regard to ancient Irish titles. These works are to be found in the Public Library.


Success for Listowel ladies at The Kingdom County Fair

This is Kelly Saint John. She alone made all of these crochet products to sell.

Kelly was very excited when I met her because she had won first prize for her beautiful colourful crochet throw.

Above is a close up detail of Kelly's magnificent creation.

The apple did not fall far from the tree. Michelle Sommers, Kelly's mother, won first prize for this beautiful quilling picture.


Would you like to try some Armenian Cuisine?

Now you can, right here in Listowel. You will have to travel no further than William Street. 
A new restaurant has opened in the old Mai Fitz's. According to the sign it will serve Armenian and American food.

These young men were helping out on the opening day, May 11 2016.

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