Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Wiliam St., St. John's and summer entertainment in John B.'s

It's Barbecue Weather.....Some Days


Upper William Street, Summer 2016


Remember These ?

God be with the days before mobile phones. I grew up in a house with no phone, mobile or otherwise, so when these came in I thought they were a brilliant innovation. Those were the days when public phones were easily found in most towns. Callcards got rid of the necessity to have pocketfuls of change in order to make a phone call.  


Weather in Ballywatticock

We are all familiar with amusing place names like BallyJamesDuff, Effin, Knockdown, Horse and Jockey etc. but Ballywatticock has to be in the hunt for the most outlandish.


St. John's

Remember last week I was looking for a photograph of the interior of St. John's. Anne Moloney unearthed one. Unfortunately for my purposes, we can see more of a cute younger Jimmy Moloney than we can of the church.

The search continues. I can't believe that no one took a photo of the interior before it was remodelled.


Summer Entertainment in John B.'s


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