Friday, 26 October 2018

An Anniversary Present, Tidy Town Visitors and a Concert to look forward to

This is the Marian grotto at O'Connell's Avenue, Listowel.

The grotto in context


When it's your Anniversary and You're Married to an Artist

This lovely Athea couple, Jim and Liz Dunne, celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary recently.

This is Jim's anniversary card for Liz. Liz has the finest collection of Jim's artworks, one for every birthday and anniversary and for numerous other occasions as well.


Footprints and Main Street


Tidy Town Visitors

On Saturday October 20 I ran into my friends from the Tidy Town Committee in The Square . They were n't painting or picking up litter. They were hosting a delegation from Kilrush Tidy Towns. They were showing them around our lovely town and taking them round to visit their various projects.
Isn't that a lovely aspect of the Tidy Town movement. Everyone wants everyone else to do well and if one town can help another they will.


A Concert in St. Mary's

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