Monday, 15 June 2015

Summer 2015, Corpus Christi Procession and Listowel Castle

It's Summer !

Some scenes from summer 2015

 T.J. MacSweeney was out photographing cattle.

 Jim MacSweeney was in the Saltee Islands  photographing puffins.

 Colette Nolan O'Connor was at the Mallow Garden Festival.

Jason of Ballybunion Prints wass bringing us lovely Ballybunion Beach scenes.

Meanwhile in Kenya, Jack ORegan and Yolanda Chakava are planning their September wedding. Lisdoonvarna has nothing on Niarobi when it comes to dowry negotiations. Jack has posted a video of the dowry negotiation party. It looks like it was a lavish affair akin to a wedding reception.

If you read Jack's account of this traditional ceremony, prepare now to see for yourself in the video.

Dowry negotiations


Corpus Christi Listowel June 7 2015


Carpets of daisies


Respect (on Twitter)  from a Fellow Sportsman

Great to see this man back in action. Definitely making it my business to go see him in action this summer.


Poem for Fr. Pat Moore

Someone called Victor has penned this poem for Fr. Pat Moore who undergoes an operation for the removal of a cancerous tumor today.

Colosseum (For Pat Moore)

Ragged and weary, he takes up the sword 
And hacked wooden shield, 
Flung at at his feet as a mercy
In the dust of the Colosseum.

As once he did before.

to face the trident, net and mercenary gaze 
of the feared and chiseled Nubian,

The thudding wooden gates
Send forth the drooling lions
And the hush.

Let it begin. Again.

The Colosseum Christian knows,
that spill his blood he must,
As it was on the Cross.

Only then the ancestors
Who quietly crowd the stalls, 
like wind-blown prayers
May spirit him to safety

As they had before,

And will again.

The thoughts and prayers of all of North Kerry and beyond are with Fr. Pat at this time.

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