Friday, 16 June 2017

Morning Walk with Vincent Carmody June 2 2017 and Maeve Moloney, an Irish woman in South Carolina

A Few More Photos from Where they Lived and where they lie


A Letter from America

Maeve Moloney wrote:

Dear Mary,

 I want to thank you again for your hard work in compiling and publishing the Listowel Connection. On May 9 you published a 1954 photo of my class sent to you by Delia Walsh's sister. I want to keep my long-ago friend, Delia, informed so I am attaching a few pictures of me at my Columbia, South Carolina, USA, home which I share with my husband, Robert. Our son, Paul, his wife, Susan, and our two grandchildren -- a boy, age 14, and a girl, age 11, live nearby. Our other son, Robert, lives halfway across the USA in Kansas City, Missouri. The attached pictures show that I remain a faithful daughter of Listowel and Ireland -- whether it be my flags in my front yard, my decorated shed and image of St. Patrick in my backyard, or my Irish-green auto with Irish decals and monogrammed license plate. 

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